Thursday, May 19, 2011

Driftwood...Kinda Loving It....

So I was doing some online shopping for lamps to go on either side of the large dresser in our front room.  I want something cool and can make a statement.  Yet at the same time will fit in and not be overwhelming.  Is that an oxymoron?  I can't tell.


I wasn't finding ANYTHING I liked.  Many cool lamps are out there but nothing was really shouting "Pick me!  Pick me!"

Then I saw this...

Able to quietly make a statement...check
Will fit in to our color scheme...check

Yup...kinda loving driftwood at this moment.  Then I saw the price.  $319.00.  


Um that's pretty much out of my price range.  And since I need 2...yeah, that would end up being a whopping $640.00...NOT including tax or shipping and handling.  

So.  I got an idea.  I'm pretty sure I can knock that lamp off.  I'm going to start collecting driftwood.  We live by a lake and a river and a park that all has a sizable amount of driftwood.  In fact...we're going out to Antelope Island soon for a sunset photo shoot and I'll just show up a bit early and start my collection.  That will make the lamps even that much more special.  

Lets see how much a lamp kit costs...

Oh wow...look at that.  Only $6.61.  So I might (MIGHT) be able to come in under $20.00 with other accessories. making my own, I can make them as tall or as short and I want.  And can leave them the natural wood color...or stain them darker.  And can add any shade I want.  

Yup...this is a challenge that is too good to pass up.  

I will leave you with some other pictures of driftwood in decor.  I'd love to hear what you think of it.  Do you like it or hate it?  I'm genuinely curious...


This one is my personal favorite...


Jen T said...

Hey! I found you googling painted concrete floors..did you ever do your office floors? I love all the pics and am following you now! JenT

happygirlgo said...

Love these pics of driftwood lamps, it's such a cool idea. Do you think you'll make one? Thanks for sharing! x