Monday, June 6, 2011

Ah...The Basement...

...or lack thereof right now.  Haha!

I had a reader (Hi Jen T!!!!) ask recently about the progress of our basement.  As in...have I actually finished painting that durned floor...? 

Here is the answer. 


Why?  'Cause 1/2 way into the project we realized this was gonna take a LOT more expertise than we had at that moment because of trying to figure out what to do with the lead paint. 


So instead of getting insanely depressed by how much $$$$$$$$$ it costs for a lead paint abatement, we looked into some other options.  We simply cannot afford the abatement.  SO!  We are going to just contain it.  That was the #1 thing people suggest in regards to the nasty stuff.  So we have a LOT more to do in that room.  Or rather...the ENTIRE basement.  After the kitchen is finished...we'll move on to tackle the basement. 

BUT!  I'll post a picture of the room sometime soon.  It's turned into the Hub's workroom for our remodels.  It has our mini table saw in it.  The miter saw.  The jig saw.  And all of our many MANY paint cans. 


I guess this happens when you don't have a garage.  Remind me to add garage to my list of things we need to build. 

For now though...I'm dreaming of built-ins.  My living room is a very awkward set-up.  It drives me crazy.  I re-arrange that room more than any other in my house.  But I think I might have figured out a solution.

See, I have a piano.  It's an electronic piano.  Not the prettiest thing but we LURVE it because of a genius invention called headphones.  The Hub's can pound away and hard as he wants and all I hear are the keys pounding...something I can handle a LOT better than the same exact song over and over and over and...well, you get the drift.  I think I've decided to move it to the awkward wall and put some built-ins on either side of it.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....Just a thought. 

So here are some lovely pictures of built-in's that make me happy. 

These are dreamy.  Quite possibly my favorite ever.

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