Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Apologies... has been FAR too long since I have posted.  I promise to be better.  My blogging sabbatical is now over.  Hubs started a new job and figuring out babysitting and MY work schedule around photography and remodeling has been...a challenge.  A good challenge...but a challenge none the less.

This post is gonna be kinda interesting.  I have a few things to share.  First off...


Just 'cause. 

Now onto cabinets.

The cabinets in the kitchen were hung quite a while ago but for some reason I forgot to post about them.  Now I know that people typically hang the tops first...but we decided to do the bottoms first because they took a lot of creativity to mash together and Hubs was in the mood to be creative.  So they were done first.  Honestly...we liked doing them first.  Made it easier to hang the top ones because we had to be creative in how we were gonna get them in place.

I'm rather a weakling so when it comes to drilling into brick to hang a cabinet...that is the Hub's domain.  But since I'm a weakling...I cant really hold up the cabinet either because it was so high, and we have 1 step ladder.  So Hubs came up with a genius idea.  This...

Yup...that would be our car jack.  We stuck up a cabinet that we weren't going to use and then put paint cans on top of the cabinet to add some height.  Then we put our hydrolic car jack on top of it with a board to stead the cabinet and then all I had to do was hold it steady while the first few screws were put in place.  Snazzy huh?  Hubs was quite proud of his little invention...

As you can tell.  (please forgive the mess in the kitchen.  I know it's a construction zone but with how small it really can't hide anything.  haha!)

Also, on his head is our headlamp.  He called that his inspiration lamp.  It was quite funny.  He was cutting trim and wasn't wearing his lamp.  All of his cuts were off...even after multiple measures.  He was so frustrated!  Then he put on his headlamp and voila!  He was good from there on out.  It's his bestest friend right now.  Haha!  I think it makes his hair look funny.  :)

To hang the cabinets...we decided a long time ago we were going to push them to the ceiling.  Hubs screwed a 2x4 into the ceiling so that he could add some support to the top and screwed the cabinets into the ceiling first.  After securing the cabinet on the ceiling we had to screw them into the wall.  Now both of our upper cabinets are on exterior walls.  Not a big deal you say?  Uh.............they're plastered brick.  Not lath and plaster...oh no.  Plastered brick.  Made the lath seem like it was a dream to work with.  We have cheap-o tools because we didn't realize we were going to turn into home renovators when we bought our tools.  It took both of us pushing that electric drill as hard as we could push to screw in these massive screws.  Let me see if I can find a picture online to show you how huge these blue suckers were...

AHA!  Found the pic...

You can't really tell how massive they are in that picture but trust me...they're large.  And heavy.  And may slightly intimidate the dickens out of me. 

So.  We got the cabinets installed and took a break.  It was exhausting.  

The beadboard wainscoting was done before installing the's what it looked like pre-caulk

It looks so different now because we've installed the window seats.  We elected to go for tall wainscoting because little hands touch all over and it'll be a lot easier to clean off than just a painted wall.  I'll be back with details on that later.  

To end...I have to leave with this picture.  

A teaser of what's to come.  :)

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