Monday, March 21, 2011

Makeover Monday

So I decided to show you a teaser of what our cabinets look like right now.

This is the cabinet that we pieced together.  More on that later.  Also...the cabinets to either side of it were once a corner cabinet.  You know...the ones that have the lazy susan in them?'d never guess would ya?  And you just wait until this whole thing is finished.  You're gonna be in shock!

Also...had to show off my hubby's mad skillz...

We may have a couple of these in the wall hidden behind the wainscoting but it was for a good cause.  Why you ask?  Because it got me this...

THAT my friends, is a beautiful outlet where I thought I was not going to have one because that is an exterior wall that is pure plaster and brick.  What we would have given for more lath when we discovered that...

We had to retire the old pathway altogether because it was a NIGHTMARE...not to mention more crappy cloth covered wires that the Hub's blogged about HERE. was NOT pretty.  But the Hub's prevailed and was a genius and now I have my outlet.  AND...another one too!

This extra outlet MIGHT have been one of the coolest thing Hub's has EVER done.  He may or may not have gotten a great big kiss for that.

Anywhoo....just a teaser to show you that it is in fact coming along.  We're putting in the window seats this week so we'll have a big old long post about that coming up soon.  So see ya later!

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