Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiration least Tues and Thursday both start with a T...

Holy Hannah have I been busy!

I'm working full time now at my day job and finding the balance between being a wife and mom, a professional, and a taking some time!

I have to say...I love when the Hubs' posts. They always make my day. I asked him what stencil to use (disclaimer...NONE of the ones he pictured) to use for our statement wall in our master and I got this blank stare. He couldn't really tell the difference between the couple I had picked out. So he decided to blog about it.

I think it's quite funny that he used golf 'cause I do golf...but I always ask him what club to use. And when it comes to the wedges...yeah, totally clueless. So if any of you out there golf...he was using me as the comparison. Haha. Loved it. I always look forward to when he gets the blogging bug. :)

ANYWHOO! So Inspiration Tuesday is on Thursday this week because this has been the only few minutes I could find. So we were talking about my living room. We did the living area and the reading is the music area. This is what I came up with.

This is our piano.  

Granted...not the prettiest piano out there but it's electronic.  Which is AWESOME!  Why?  Cause when a certain Hubby starts learning a song he plays it over and over and over again which makes me not so much like the song anymore.  


So with our electronic piano...he plugs in the headphones and pounds away to his little heart's content.  Hee hee!  He doesn't wake up the Princess and he doesn't get on my nerves.'s kinda fun to sneak up behind him and make him JUMP.  Yup...I'm a prankster.  

Anyways, getting back to the picture!  So our piano is great.  Since we're going with a green/blue/greige in the living room, the piano fits right in.  I hate the bench it comes with though.  


So I'm on the look-out for an antique bench/stool that I can recover with that fabulous teal chevron.  LOVE the one pictured...probably won't be able to find one like that in my price range.  Haha.  We'll probably end up going with a stool.  Which I'm fine with.  

I already have a lamp very similar to that one...just without the crystal ball.  Wish mine had it.  It would make me feel special.  But alas, no crystal balls for me.  

The piano is going to be in a corner with the back angled towards a window.  I love the warmth bamboo shades bring to a room.  So the window is going to have bamboo shades and then that lovely green floral as some drapey drapes.  

The subway art is gonna be made by me.  There have been a TON of tutorials on "how to" make your own...I've kinda got my own in my head.  We'll see how it actually works.  Haha!  The Hubs has lived in France, Belgium, and Holland over the years so we're going to be taking streets that he lived on and making our own.  And then I have lived in Russia so we'll be doing another one with my streets somewhere else in the house.  Sentimental and cheap art.  Always a plus.  

And I love little things I can put places to spruce it up.  The tree is actually a jewelry holder...we won't be using it as one.  Just as a lovely little display.  And I love those green vases.  They're just happy.  

So there you have it.  The music corner.  Next week...we'll be doing a green bathroom.  A friend is re-doing her bathroom so we're doing an inspiration board for her!  Woot woot!

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