Monday, December 20, 2010

The Office...

So the Hubs sat down last night and asked me oh so seriously if we could finish the office before starting on the kitchen.

I had no idea he was so into finishing the office.

Shows what a little communication will get you.

I, of course, jumped at that idea.  I really really REALLY want our office done.

So the Hubs is watching YouTube for instructions and pricing out his shopping list and New Year's will begin.

If you remember...this is the room chock full of lead paint.  This is the room that we demolished before we realized this fact.  This is the room that has been at a complete standstill since that moment.  This is the room that has basically been quarantined until we figured out what to do.  We have now officially figured out what to do.

Cover it all up.  Contain it all and make sure it is all covered up and not breathed in.

We're actually going to lose about 3 inches all around because we're framing the room.  Lucky for us...the previous people basically just nailed the sheet rock directly to the foundation.  And the other 2 walls that are foundation are just horrid so they came down.  So we're framing the 2 foundation walls and replacing all the sheet rock on the other 2 walls and so yup...!  It'll be a brand spankin' new room!  Woot woot!

So here is our list of items to buy or rent...

Level - already have several. 
Hammer - Hubs has one and I have a pink one.  I're jealous.  :)
Plum line
Chalk line - that one.
Measuring tape - Um...I've lost count of how many are floating around here.
Skill-saw/circular saw
3-inch framing nails 
2 X 4 lumber, untreated 
(2) sawhorses or workbench 
Treated 2 X 4 lumber 
3-inch concrete nails

So really not too bad.  And just as a refresher...Here is the inspiration board (which is subject to change. Haha!)

The chair for instance...yeah, we've decided that going to go.  I swear its giving me back problems.  But we really do like everything else.  And since the Hubs is the one who spends the most time in there...I think it's pretty important for him to like his space.  He picked out a lot of what we're using so hopefully it'll give him kind of a working man cave.  Haha!

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