Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday...A Day Late. Again.

I know I know!  I stink at getting these up on time.

Here's my excuse.  My boss at my work work is quitting and I'm being trained to do a LOT of reporting and its taking up all my time.

As in actually driving the 45 minutes it takes to get to work.

I forgot how long that drive was.

But it's good.  It's stretching me and helping me grow.

ANYWAYS!  Back to my inspiration board!

I've been thinking a lot about what we're going to do when we add another little one to our brood.  No, I am not pregnant.  This is not an announcement.

But when we do...the Princess and the Peanut (that what we're calling our non-existent child) will share a room.  We have 4 bedrooms but with only 1600 square feet...1 of those is my office.  1 of those is our workout room.  1 is the master.  And the other is the nursery.  While it would be great to be able to put workout equipment in the family room...the ceiling is only 6 feet tall so nothing will fit.  I'm thinking we'll probably combine the office and workout room eventually but right now...the "office" is torn to studs.


We should probably finish that sometime soon.

So the office and the workout room are the same right now and I kinda don't like it.  I can't wait to get back into my real office.

SO!  When the Peanut does eventually join our little family...the 2 kids will share a room.

For some reason it has really been on my mind.  Probably because every time I walk into the Princess' room I shudder.


It REALLY needs some help.  But in re-doing it...I have to take into consideration the fact that the next baby might be a boy and we need something gender neutral.

This is what I came up with.


If you want to know where any of these products came from...just click on the picture.  

That crib is not our exact crib but it is very similar to the one we have right now.  Ours just has a straight back instead of the arch.  The three fabric swatches next to the crib would make some seriously adorable crib bedding.  I'm kinda thinking I'll be making my own bedding since I can't find anything anywhere that I like.  When the Princess was born I just pieced things together and still didn't care for what I had.  That was before I had a sewing machine.  

I adore that rug.  Seriously.  Love it for a kid's room.  The colors, the design...everything.

I've always loved the Eames style rockers and this one is from Target for a VERY affordable price.  There is also a blue one that I love but for some reason it wouldn't import so I used the white one...and I kinda like it a bit better because then I can add more color in the throw pillows.  The 2 fabric swatches next to the rocker would be adorable as a throw pillow.  Ah how I love my sewing machine.  :)

The toddler bed is from IKEA and is actually extend-able to a twin!  NICE!  I love the iron look and I would totally put a canopy over her bed if the room was bigger.  But...the room would shrink considerably if I were to do that with a crib in there too...  The fabric swatches next to the bed would make a really fun quilt for a little girl.  

I am IN LOVE with those pom pom curtains.  I'm seriously going to IKEA next week (for my kitchen counter tops!  EEK!  So excited!) and I'm buying some white curtains for in her room so I can knock these curtains off.  I'm thinking probably yellow poms.  We'll see.  

And I love the beautiful I am a Child of God print.  That is the Princess' favorite song and the color just fits right in.  

I have a definite love for ceramic animals.  Call me crazy.  I think I would actually re-paint this one either yellow or turquoise though...depending on the wall color.  If I did a light light yellow...the owl would be turquoise.  If I did a light light turquoise...the owl would be yellow.  We'll have to see on that.  But I definitely thing he adds some whimsy to the room.  Love.  

And that light.  Oh that beautiful light.  I love love LOVE all things Anthropologie but they are far outside of my budget.  So I'm going to try to knock this light fixture off.  We'll see how that goes.  :)  

So there you are.  My colorful (very colorful) boys and girls room.  Let me know what you think!

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The Clark's said...

I know what you mean about this being stuck in your head. Its been stuck in mine lately too about what to do when a 2nd comes around.

Anyway love the bright colors in the room except for the rug. Its too dark. I find that the rug does not go with the bright and colorful scheme that the rest of the room has going on. Sorry I know how much you love it, but thats my opinion.