Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday

I've decided on a new series...Inspiration Tuesday.

I've gotta come up with a nifty header for it but I couldn't wait for that to share this latest board.

Love it.

I saw that rug and just thought it was so unique and just had to design something around it.

I love the whole sage green and ice blue/turquoise combo.  I think it's so calming and classy.  My living room couch is actually sage green and I really struggled with what to combine it with when we moved into this house.

Then I discovered blue.

Ah...it makes me happy.

This rug might actually find a way into my house.

Same with that chair.

And the striped fabric...?  Perfect for some curtains or some roman blinds.

All of the details are linked into Polyvore so all you have to do is click on the picture if you want to know where something came from...like that couch.  Quite possibly my favorite couch ever.  I must find one similar.

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