Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Finds...

So to keep Friday Finds from getting too dull...I've decided to theme them.  And to mix it up, I pulled today's theme from Etsy.

I love tea cups.


I'm not a tea drinker...unless you count Peppermint Tea.

Nothing screams fall to me like a nice steamy cup of Peppermint Tea.


And really...they're so diverse.  You can use them as a decoration, you can actually drink out of them, they make lovely artwork, and seriously...they make the cutest necklaces.

So today's Friday Finds is all about tea cups.

Photobucket(necklace, peacock tea cup, dictionary page art, eiffel tower/tea party, Mr. Darcy tea cup, tea cup, turquoise tea cup necklace, soy candle tea cup)  

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The Clark's said...

Just a suggestion, but I was wanting to look on your blog today at some of your past bedroom design posts to get some ideas on my bedroom as was thinking it would be easier if you had your posts categorized ie: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.