Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok...Halloween as a parent is SO much better than when you don't have kids.

Just sayin'

And when they're little and don't really care what they are...?

Even better 'cause then you get to dress them up in costumes like this...

Yup yup...hamburgers are basically awesome.

The Hubs wore a red shirt for ketchup and I wore a mustard yellow shirt for mustard.  Yup...we were the condiments to the hamburger.  Haha!

It was pretty much rocked.

Except that it rained.

A lot.

Good thing she doesn't care about the trick-or-treating part as much as just eating whatever she could get her hands on.

So we just stayed in doors and she got to eat whatever she wanted.

It was a really great day. 

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