Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Weekend...

...not the last 2 days, but last weekend we decided to take the Princess hiking while I got to take some beautiful fall pictures.

It's a good thing we did too 'cause it poured all weekend long yesterday...and the day before.

 Turns out that she's a very serious hiker.

She LURVES hiking.

Anything that involves leaves and dirt.

And the fall colors...?

Oh so my favorite.

 Mmmmmmmm...I've also discovered I have a penchant for taking vertical pictures.  I really need to work on the horizontal ones.

ANYWHOO!  So we went to the park afterwords and went crazy.

So fun.

And then we went to the slides.

Um.  Favorite thing EV.ER!

She had a blast.

She'll crawl up the slide and then turn around and squeal while she slides down.

I love being a mom...

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