Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So yeah, sorry for the lack of posts!  I was out of town for some photo shoots.  But I'm back now and am just busy editing!

As for house updates...our bedroom has been put on hold to do the kitchen.  We still have some design work to do in the bedroom but we have all of our kitchen cabinets ready to go in so the Hubs has decided to start work in there while I finish up the design stuff in the bedroom.

SO!!!  Here is my design/inspiration board for the kitchen.


We're painting the room a very light turquoise/blue.  Very light and warm...not too cool.  And then we're going to decorate with blue and very light green accents.  
We are stripping the cabinets down to their natural wood and then painting them a crisp white.  I did forget to put hardware in the collage but the hardware is from Ikea and it's this set...
I basically love them.  I love the lines...I love how long they are...I love how they'll tie in the stainless sink.  Yup...love them.  

The faucet isn't my favorite but hey...it was free!  It came along with the cabinets.  My in-laws got it just a couple years ago for Christmas but they're getting a new one to go with their farmhouse sink.  As you can tell from the picture...we will not be doing a farmhouse sink.  No room.  Our sink is a corner sink and there is no choice but to keep it there. 

And then the countertops.  We priced it out and the butcher block is only going to cost us about $90 for the countertop.  That is how little counter space this place has.  Pretty sad eh?  However...it is very good for our budget!  :)

As for the mini subway tile, it's only going to cost about $60 because we're only going to need 1 box for our entire backsplash.  Again...this house has no counter space.

We're going to push the cabinets all the way to the ceiling and then putting a shallow shelf 12 inches from the counter.  It's only going to be about 3-4 inches deep and it will hold canisters, salt and pepper shakers, oh!  And all of our glasses. 

I saw the picture of the floor up there and fell in LOVE with white and GRAY checkerboard.  I think it's a bit more subtle and understated than the black and white checkerboard.  Perfect for my small kitchen.  The flooring is probably what is going to be the most expensive part to be honest...  Other than replacing the stove we're keeping all of our appliances so the flooring will probably cost more than anything else in this kitchen.

We're only doing a single bowl sink.  This is going to be a HUGE adjustment for me but luckily Ikea has one that is pretty deep.  I'm really nervous about it though.

Here is where I need YOUR help though.  We're not staying here longer than 5 years.  As soon as all of our remodels are done...this house will probably be put on the market.  Here's my question...would you rather have a full size dishwasher and lose a base cabinet or would you rather have an apt size (18 in) dishwasher and have an extra 18 - 20 in cabinet?  Keep in mind...this kitchen is quite small but we're adding a lot of open shelving for dish storage so the cabinets will basically all be used for food storage and such.  We could really use the input so please don't hesitate to comment! 

Thanks all!  I'll be back with pictures of us a-sanding away!

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The Clark's said...

I guess it mostly depends on who you'd think would buy the place. If its college students then the smaller dishwasher is fine, but if its more then one person a bigger dishwasher is an absolute must! I would die if I had to go smaller.