Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds

Ok...I decided to do something a bit different today and we're featuring furniture in Harrisburg PA.  

Random, I know but I figure since people aren't just located in Salt Lake...what the hey!  We'll throw in some other places as well. 

They're $75 each and could really add some vintage charm to a bedroom or even a living room if done right.

Next up...this desk

I really love desks like this.  Paint it whatever color you want and you've got yourself a great looking...and personalized desk just brimming with personality.

These dressers are huge!

They both come with mirrors...that I would put somewhere else...and they're both $100 each.

Best part is that it's a sleeper sofa for $175.

I just don't live anywhere in the area.  But I love the extra long seat and at $25, you could reupholster this baby in any fabric you want!

What a great addition to a sun room or even as accent pieces. 

I like these legs better than any other I've seen.  Hmmm...anyone know shipping costs from Harrisburg to Salt Lake?  :)

This one is dreamy.  And the cabinet?  Just a cool.

Heck...maybe just spicing up the cushion would do it!  Love them!

What a great and unique piece!

So there we have it. 

Harrisburg PA.  

I kinda like visiting other state's classifieds.  I think we'll make this a weekly thing!  We'll visit Salt Lake once a month and do other places too.  I may even take requests!

How fun!

Have a marvelous weekend everyone!

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