Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coffee...or Cocktail...Tables...

So before the Princess was born we had a coffee table.  

Is it coffee table or cocktail table officially?  The Hubs and I can never agree...

ANYWHOO!  So when the Princess started pulling herself up on things we had to get rid of it.  My little heart couldn't take the anxiety that she might fall and whack her head on the hard wood corners.  

Heck...not even the corners.  She could have whacked her head on any part of the thing and come away with a huge gash.  If not a concussion.  

So we made the sacrifice and donated it to my brother and his new wife.  

Well...I desperately miss having a coffee (or cocktail...whatever floats your boat) table in my front room.  It just feels like something is missing.  Now that the Princess is running...not toddling...around I want it back.  

BUT!  We're gonna have more babies (eventually...this is not an announcement.  haha!) and I don't want to invest my love into something only to have it leave again.  I can't handle it.  When I love something...I LOVE something and feel rather possessive of it.

Um...I think I just may have found a solution to my dilemma.

A beautiful tufted ottomen.  

Like this one...


I love that it adds more texture and color to the room.
But most's nice and stuffed so no little heads would gets hurt if accidentally falling while learning to toddle around.

Best idea ever.


Who invented these things?

They should get a prize.

Big downside though.  They are HORRIBLY expensive!

Um...LOTS of money.

This gave me a moment of concern and consternation.

It only lasted a moment though because then I found this...

Um...I can make my own?

Thank you Kara...whoever you are.  I will be singing your praises for a long while to come.

So I'm off to buy fabric and some wood.

Or see what kind of coffee (or cocktail...this is getting confusing folks) tables I can find at a thrift store to use as my top.  And maybe legs. 

So I will leave you with some other lovely tufted (what a great word...tufted...) and some just upholstered ottoman pictures.


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Heather said...

It's funny, now that my son is 2-1/2 and jumping on the couch I'm even more worried about our coffee table, which is going to go sometime soon! The coffee table is actually some type of stone so wood would be better. I did see a new one at Crate and Barrel that has the corners angled off. Not a look I'd normally love, but perhaps perfect for us!