Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Pictures...'s that time of year again.  We need our family pictures taken.  We had a session scheduled for tomorrow actually with my favorite photog but then we had a tenant take out bankruptcy and stop paying her rent.  Yeah...not so fun!  So we decided to cancel the pics and put the money we would have spent towards ensuring the unit gets rented.


Sometimes I really despise being a landlord.

Anywhoo!  So luckily I now have a photography assistant myself and she needs the practice so we're taking her out and she gets to practice on us!  Woot woot!

Here are the outfits we're piecing pics
I LOVE greens and blues with the beautiful crisp autumn colors.  Love.  So we're gonna be bright blue and green and all around us is going to be yellow and orange and bright reds.  


So there we have it!  I'll post a couple of the pics when we actually take them.  :)

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