Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Next Project...

Ok...so I know we're not done in the Master yet, speaking of which...there will be another post on that this upcoming Monday, but I couldn't help sharing this.

Our next project is going to be tackling the kitchen.  This was going to be one of our LAST projects because of how expensive kitchen remodels are.  BUT!  Our expenses just got a heck of a lot less expensive because my in-law's have decided to completely remodel their kitchen.  How does that affect us?

We get their cabinets.


Are they my dream cabinets?  No.  Are they still in perfect working order?  Yes.  Will they work for our kitchen?  Um, heck yes!  Why should I pay $1000 (even for an IKEA kitchen) when I can get these cabinets for free?  Free...or...$1000, hmmmmmmm, kinda a no brainer for us.  

The plan is to sand them down to their original wood beauty.  Paint them white.  Install some beautiful new hardware.  Install them.  Annnnnnnnnd...get my butcher block counter top instead of the laminate formica I was gonna have to settle for.  Ah...I'm so happy! 

So we should be able to replace our entire kitchen in under $600.  Flooring, counter tops, hardware, everything.  We'll see how that goes but it's pretty exciting!  As soon as our bedroom is done...we're tackling that project!  Which will include ripping down a wall and moving it back a good foot and 1/2.  That'll be fun...

In the meantime...here are some beautiful butcher block counter tops.

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Madeline said...

white cabinets + butcher block countertops = perfection