Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Finds

Wowsers...It's Friday again.

This week has been er, interesting to say the least.  Haha!

I'm thinking the Princess decided to hit the terrible 2's a bit early.  She's definitely expressing her opinion a lot lately but without the benefit of talking....well, other than words like

"es" (this)
"ish" (fish)
"orse" (horse)
"eow" (meow)
"oof" (woof)
"up" (um...I think that one is self explainatory)
"uh-oh" (again...kinda self explainatory)
"uice" (juice)

And yeah...trying to figure out what she's trying to say with those words is rather difficult.  ANYWHOO!  Other than that...this week has been relatively normal.

MOVING ON from our lovely toddler.  :)  It's Friday Finds day!!!

First up...this little beauty.

Brand new sectional for $349.  I'm so going to get this for our basement!

Um...this rug is awesome!

It's a 5x7 for only $40!  And that pattern is quite nifty!  Kinda loving it!

This Anthropologie bath mat is only $10...

What a cute pattern!  And seriously...$10?  That's a steal.

OH MY GOSH I want this rug!!!!!

It's a 9x13 zebra print rug for $60!  SIXTY DOLLARS!!!  Sold! 

What a cute dresser!

And it's only $35.  I would totally re-paint this a fun funky color for a nursery or for my little girl's room.  But I would also add some fun Anthropologie knobs.

This changing table is only $20!

Again...I would add some Anthro knobs for some color.

Love this cute dresser.

What a cute antique addition to pretty much any room...and it's only $50.

Um...this lamp is darling...

It's only $25.  A little spray paint and a new drum shade and it would be so so cute!

Um remember this lamp...?

Um...the seller dropped the already cheap price of $7 to $5.

This table is the perfect size for a little breakfast nook...

Don't really care for it as it is...but sand it down and add some white paint and some mis-matched chairs?  Darling.

If I had a formal dining room I would buy this table.

It's only $25 and it has 2 additional leafs in it to extend it.

You could add these chairs...

A set of 4 is only $20.  You could paint and reupholster.  Totally cute.

Um...this chair is only $37...

You could add a throw to the back until you reupholster.  I actually like the color.

This is a brand new chair from Z Gallerie...

It's only $175.

These chairs are only $35...

I'm totally crushing on the one of the right...I would reupholster it with leather and put it in a den or office.

Um...I'm LOVING this chair...

It's $100 but I love the lines and the circles.  So pretty...

I love this rocker...

Really cute rocker...and it's only $35.

I love wooden office chairs...I think they're so pretty.

And it's only $50.

I like these stacking chairs...

They're only $6 each or $30 for the set of 6.  Lovin' them.

I'm also lovin' this coffee table...

And it's only $75.

This vanity is only $155 but it doesn't include the sinks...

But the sinks are available for $150.  I just wish my bathroom was available. 

And I could keep going...there are soooooooooooo many good deals out there! 

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