Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beadboard remember how I've said we're going to beadboard our ceilings?  Yeah...well, we LOVE the look but weren't so excited about the work.  I'm not the strongest person in the world and holding a sheet of beadboard up while the Hubs drills wasn't my idea of a good time.  AT.ALL.

Also...because our house was built in the '40's, it's all plaster and stud finders don't do a very good job in our house because plaster isn't quite sheet rock.

All in all, we just weren't sure what we were gonna do.

Then I found this.

Beadboard.  Or so you think!

It's actually beadboard WALLPAPER!  It's made out of vinyl so you can paint it whatever color you want and it goes on super easy and it's cheaper!


So we are def going to be doing the beadboard thing....but now it'll be beadboard wallpaper.  And the best part is...I can do this by myself!  I don't need the Hubs for this stuff!  Nice.  :)

AND!!!  We're gonna use it in the bathroom to.

Here's our inspiration photo for that...

I love love LOVE high wainscoting.  I think it's pretty.  :)  Above the wainscoting in ours though we're going to do a nice a light turquoise.'s making me happy just thinking about it.  :)

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