Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Zoo...

Ok...I am sooooooooooooooooooo not a summer person.  I love the sun, I love grass, I love kites, I love basically everything about summer except for one thing.


I HATE heat.  I am NOT one of these people who sits out and basks in the sun.

Maybe it's because I'm pasty white and don't tan.  I dunno...

I just do NOT enjoy the heat.  It zaps the energy out of me and makes me feel tired and just droopy.

BUT!  I have a toddler.  This makes it impossible to just stay inside in my air conditioned house all day.  This makes trips to the park a necessity.  But I will admit, there is one place I am actually excited to start going to.

The zoo.

We've decided to get a yearly pass to the zoo and bring the Princess there once a week.  I'm tellin' you people, yearly passes make everything worth it.  We have a yearly pass to our children's museum and it's WONDERFUL.  So I decided to invest in the zoo too.  But what do you wear to the zoo when it's 100 degrees outside?

I've put together some ideas.  Let me know what you think!
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