Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Weekend... our weekend didn't quite go as planned.  Yet again.

I went to bed on Saturday SOOOOOO excited because I just knew we were going to be tackling the office the next day.  We were going to be encasing all of that nasty lead paint and we were putting up drywall and...the list goes on.  I was so excited.

Then...I woke up.  And when I woke up...?  It felt like something was inside my stomach trying to get out.  I had the stomach flu.  Smells made me throw-up.  Food made me throw-up.  Pepto Bismol made me throw-up.  In short...EVERYTHING made me throw-up.  So my long 4th of July weekend was spent in bed.  Blah...

I was so disappointed.  SO disappointed.  But what can you do?  The Hubs was a champ.  He entertained our 1 and 1/2 year old.  He took care of me.  He cleaned the house.  AND!  He's pretty much done with our bed!

So while this weekend wasn't all that productive for me...he was busy busy.  I don't have any pictures since I was flat on my back...actually probably more curled up in a fetal position but you know what I mean...BUT!  I'm doing the caulk and wood putty today so I'll be sure to get some cool ones of that.  I've never done wood putty before so this should be interesting.

Now, if you remember from THIS post...the Hubs bought the wrong kind of plywood.  He bought the nasty looking stuff.  So our solution was to put bead board on all the visible parts.  That got me actually thinking about bead board and how much I love it.  So I decided to post some pictures...Hope you enjoy as much as I do.




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