Monday, June 7, 2010

So the plans for the weekend changed just slightly. And I couldn't be happier.
As I have mentioned before...the Hubs doesn't like projects.  At.All.  When he's in the mood to do them he's fine but unless it's his idea...yeah, they aren't gonna happen.

One of the best ways I've found to get his help with something is to just start doing the project and then he won't be happy with the way I'm doing it and so he'll come in and help.  He knows he's that way and he is just fine with it.  I am too...I just have to be a bit like the mom on My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Bring something up and kinda lead him to where we need to go.  The funny part about it?  He absolutely knows my strategy and knows when I'm using it but knows it works.

So!  This weekend.  Somehow on Friday night we ended up in Pier 1.  That is a very dangerous store for me.  VERY dangerous.  What's worse?  It's in the same parking lot as Target.  Double whammy.  Anyways!  We are at Pier 1 and I see a mirror that I want.  Bad.  It's a patina tiled mirror with the exact green of my couch which is soooooooo hard to match.  This mirror could be my living room's saving grace.  It's also on clearance for $119.  Now to me that is a good deal.  To the Hubs?  Uh...not so much.  He couldn't see spending over a hundred dollars on a piece of glass.

I put it on hold.

We go to Target.

While there the Hubs informs me that instead of using that money towards a mirror...he will instead help me build our captains bed.  Yes...THIS captains bed.


Whoa Nelly!  Mr. Anti-projects just volunteered to make me the bed I've been dreaming of??????
SOLD!  All thoughts of painting the cement left me and instead thoughts of getting rid of a dresser thus freeing up a TON of space came flooding in.  We immediately shook hands on it and the next morning set out to buy the wood.  

We got our plans from the simply fantastic website  Ana is a complete genius in my opinion and her plans were very easy to read.  I imported them into Adobe Acrobat and we printed off the PDF.  

I have learned one rather important thing in the process of buying our wood.  When you let your husband pick out the plywood, he's going to get the cheapest kind.  Instead of getting the nice, pretty husband picked out the same stuff you would build a shed with.  NOT very pretty.  I just bit my tongue and started thinking of what I could possibly do to make it pretty.  Then it came to me...our master bedroom is going to have a breezy, beachy feel to it so we would add beadboard to all the visible parts and paint it a crisp white.  

We didn't get nearly as much accomplished as we wanted to...the Princess was being a bit of a diva and demanded my time and since we don't have a fenced in yard...that required me to be inside.  Boo...  But after she went to bed, we were able to move a bit faster.  We got all of the boxes framed and trim on one of them.
Whoever said you had to have a truck hadn't met our Mercury.  This baby is a 3rd generation car.  The Hubs grandparents bought him brand new.  They passed him down to The Hubs' parents a couple years ago during which time he was christened Bruce after the shark on Finding Nemo.  When his battery exploded (that's right...exploded) all over a mechanic, the in-laws decided they were done with him and passed him down to us.  All we paid was the cost of a new battery and alternator.  And we haven't needed a truck since.  

 See?  Yes...we did have to take two cars.  We obviously couldn't fit a car seat in the back of this one. 

Here are some in progress shots.
Yeah...not pretty plywood.  But I guess these picture will make the after shots even better...?

Also, please ignore the mound of dirt behind the boxes.  We over-ordered dirt for our garden boxes.  Whoops!

So yup...not what I was planning on doing this weekend but I'm so excited with how much we were able to get done.  We'll finish them up this upcoming weekend and post some pics of the finished products. 


Teresa Pomerantz said...

lol about leading hubby where you want him to go... He did pick the cheap particle board didn't he? Its all good, it will still look fabulous when you are done!

Natalia said...

Oh cool! :D That will be so nice when its done. You can always buy a normal mirror the same size/frame any color and paint it? You don't have to give up that dream. :) You can do a lot with less than 100 dollars. I think my mom's thriftiness is getting to me...

Is it bad to buy cheap wood if you're painting it? I guess if you wanted a wood look it would be best to get good wood. But I'm glad you were able to work it out with Jeremy. :)

Pat said...

That was sweet of him to say you two would make the bed. Guess he was making up to you since you didn't buy the mirror.
Have fun with your project.

Theresa McCabe said...

This looks so awesome! i have a captains bed and i love it... but it was too expensive. building it is the wayy to goooo. update with pics asap i am excited to see how this turns out. good luck!