Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So I'm buying the paint for the office floor today.  We were supposed to do it a couple weekends ago but since we got didn't happen.  We went out over our lovely holiday weekend though and picked out a color.

It is beautiful.

I'm taking some before pictures today and then we're going to start scraping the cement and then priming and then...painting!!!  Woot woot!!!

I've also decided to just make a rug.  I couldn't find an affordable white shag rug and so since our goal is to stay as cheap affordable as possible...I'm going to make one!  It won't be shag...but don't worry.  It'll work.

I found the perfect's a pic...


...and I'll be sure to take pictures during the process.  What I love about this is that it will tie it all together.  The orange, the blue, the vintage/modern vibe...  and the Hubs loves it.  That always makes life easier.  :) 

The Hubs had another idea for wall prints.  He loves...I mean LOVES!...WWII memorabilia.  And since I like Vintage...that is something I can handle.  We live by an Air Force Base and they have a museum.  We're going to go actually take some snazzy pictures of the WWII planes and hang up some edited canvas prints.  We're actually quite excited about that...

So.  Progress will be made this week.

That makes me happy.

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