Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So this weekend was spent out of town shooting a wedding.  And while I love doing that...it also means I didn't get much done on the house.

Actually, if I'm going to be completely honest...I didn't get anything done on the house.  There's still a pile of laundry waiting to be sorted on the couch.  Does anyone else hate laundry as much as I do?  I really don't think there is anything I dislike more than laundry...

But anyways...the wedding was beautiful.  I had some equipment issues and really learned the importance of back-up's but other than that...it went swimmingly.

The real excitement came on Sunday evening though.  I was at my in-laws and checked my e-mail for the first time all weekend.  I noticed an e-mail titled "Photography" and clicked on it.  It was from someone I had never heard of so usually that means a new client...woot woot!  This time though...it was even better!

There is a new fashion magazine launching here in the Fall.  I've been casually following them and when they advertised for photographers, I sent in my blog address.  I didn't think anything of it however.  There are a TON of good and experienced photog's here.  Well...the e-mail was from this magazine and they want to work with me!  I'M SO STINKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!  It's kinda been a dream of mine.  So I'm going to be doing fashion/beauty photography for them!

Seriously...I was walking on clouds the entire weekend.  I still kinda am.  :)

SO!  That was my weekend.  Now to the house.  I have decided to do my living room in a mid-century modern theme.  I really think it's the only thing that will work for it.  The lay-out is weird and the whole mid-century look would actually work for it.

Here are some pictures...what do you think?

So there we have it.  Some examples.  I like it because I can use what I already have and throw in some pieces from thrift and consignment stores.  It'll be fun.  

Now to just tear up the carpet and re-finish our floors! 

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