Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deal of the Day I love the crystal ball lamps.  I think they're just so cool.  We're going to be putting one in the office.

The only problem was...they're all so expensive!  Every one I found was over $100.00.  Um, NOT what I want to spend.  Then I was walking through JC Penney (I have a problem, I really do.  I'm so addicted to that store...) and low and behold...I found my lamp!  

Thus begins my "Deal of the Day"

What do you think of my deal?  I think they're pretty much identical.  If you put the JC Penney one on a gray would be seriously the exact same lamp.

links:  JC Penney  Z Gallery

1 comment:

Madeline P said...

that's a dead ringer! Great find.