Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basement Chapter 3... we've done a ton of research and have just decided to replace the drywall that has lead paint and completely enclose the foundation walls that have the lead paint directly on them with drywall.  That way all the led paint will be completely encased.  Lead abatement costs $1,000's of dollars that we just can't afford.

So!  We're going to move on with our basement office reno.  Woot woot!  We kinda thought we were at a stand-still for a while since we didn't know what to do.  What a relief!

Anyways...I know I shared an idea board for the office a while ago but we started changing things so I put together a new one.  Here it is...
officeFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I know that office chair is pretty boring but here's the deal...we already own it.  SO!  What we're going to do is recover the seat with the squares fabric.  That will add a punch of color and will definitely add some interest. 

We're actually going to make the desk...we priced it out and can actually make it for about $75 vs the $1,113 it would cost to buy that exact desk.  Yikes!  

Add some fun orange and white storage boxes from IKEA, some more brightly colored fabrics (for curtains and to make a rug...), the fun vintage airplane mobile, a gallery wall full of pictures that we're taking, and a new stainless fixture and we'll be good!  I'll post a budget breakdown when the whole thing is finished but there you have it.  The new and improved plan.  

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