Friday, June 4, 2010

Ah Spring I love thee.

I love having to turn on the fan at night so we can sleep somewhat comfortably.

I love how it gets darker later.

I love how it gets sunny earlier.

I love the flowers.

I love the BBQ's.

I love the swimming pools...and that's saying something since I'm skeered of water... honor of Summer, and the fact that I was really window shopping for a cute outfit, I decided to put Polyvore to use and put together an outfit.

My goal was $75.

I may have gone slightly over...

Here it is...

pinkFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Here's the breakdown...

Jeans:  $26.90
Shirt:  $6.80
Cardigan:  $19.80
Shoes:  $16.80

Without accessories, the total comes to $70.30.  

However, I am an accessory person.  AND...since I have an hourglass figure, my pants don't stay on without a belt.  So here is the accessory breakdown...

Necklace:  $5.80
Bangle bracelet:  $6.80
Belt:  $6.80

And the grand total is...$89.70.  Yup, slightly over BUT!!!  I actually already have a necklace that would work.  And a belt for that matter...the outfit just didn't look complete without adding them to the collage.  

So what do you think?  Do you wear cardigans in the summer?  I wear them allllllll year round.  Kinda obsessed with them really....the Hubs knows any time he's not sure about a gift, a cardigan is always a safe bet.  They're just such a fun way to add color and interest...

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