Friday, May 14, 2010

So the office is on hold for a minute.

Why?  you ask...

Well, because our coat rack just fell off of our wall.

Yup...apparently the weight of our coats was too much for our little wall mounted mirror coat rack and it bent the nails and fell right off our wall.

This has sparked an interest in making my own and then screwing it into the wall instead of just putting the mirror back up with nails.

We're getting one of these

But it's going in our living room as more of a decoration. 

So I've begun to look for inspiration.

And I'm thinking if I'm going to make my own anyway...I might as well make a storage bench to go along with it.

We could store out of season items in it or even extra throws for the living room.

And a cushion on top would add a splash of color to a somewhat dull side door entry.

Here are some inspiration pictures...

#1...  Cute but I think the white on white is rather dull.  I'm thinking about getting some fun hardware from Anthropologie.

#2...  I love the funky colors and designs.  It turns a coat rack into something fun and colorful.

#3...  Clean.  Sleek.  Modern.  Maybe a bit TOO modern for my taste but I really like the hanger idea. 

#4...  An actual mud room.  I'm thinking if I keep things thin...maybe this would be the best idea.  Storage bench, hooks, baskets for mail, etc...

#5...  I'm actually really liking the beadboard on this one.  It adds a really clean look to it.  I might just have to figure out a way to combine #'s 4 and 5...

And finally...

Hahahahahaha!  Totally kidding.  

But had to post it anyway.

Isn't it creepy?

So there are my inspiration pictures...which one is your favorite?


Our Family said...

I like #5. It could be jazzed up a bit, and beware...we have bead board in our kitchen & its the BIGGEST pain to clean! so just keep that in mind, but that it definately my fav.

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I like #5, but that last one, who does that?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do kind of like the creepy doll one. If I make it I will post pics