Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok.  So Monday.

Monday was...interesting.

Just your regular Monday...until about 7:00 pm.

You see, the Hubs and I own a condo too.

It was the place our little girl came home from the hospital to.

It was the first place the Hubs and I reno-ed and truly made ours.

And I'm too attached to let it go...

It's also in an amazing location by a hospital AND a university so there are always a plethera of renters available so why sell a place I love so much? 

So Monday.

My phone rings...I don't recognize the number.

I normally don't answer numbers I do not know but for some reason I just had a feeling to take this one...

Good thing I did.

It was the HOA president.

It would seem that the lady in the condo below ours had standing water in her ceiling.

The only logical answer was that it was coming from ours.

Our tenant was out of town.

We had to get in.

It felt weird seeing someone else's stuff in my condo.

It wasn't coming from ours.

The balloon of paint that was bulging from OUR ceiling proved that.

The gallons and gallons of water downstairs had been in our ceiling too.


The condo above us had a filtration system that leaked...a lot.

We have to replace that section of ceiling and so does the other condo.


SO!  Monday...I think that's when I started getting sick.

Might be from stress.

And so I leave you with something that helps it to all go away...

And no, that doesn't mean Tylonol PM...

Ah......sigh of relief.  

White always does that to me.

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