Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So remember how I said I wasn't a runner? 
Yeah..........last week proved it.
I went and got cute running clothes.  I was in the zone.  And then...
I hurt my knee.
Don't know how...I was just running and then it felt like something was stabbing under my knee cap.
My knee is now swollen and in a brace.
Double yuck.

ANYWAYS!  I digress...
This was supposed to be a post about rugs.
We are getting ready to tear up the carpet in the master and put up some built-ins!
Woot Woot!!!
I guess I actually have to go get the wood cut and all that lovely stuff.
Maybe I'll see if I can pull the "I'm helpless" card at Home Depot and they'll cut it all for me. I'm shopping for rugs.
Because I want one.
A big one...under our bed.
So that my toes are nice and toasty on a cold winter morning.
And cold mornings are on my mind today because it is supposed to snow.
It's almost May.

I've just found one issue in my rug shopping.
Um, rugs are EXPENSIVE!!!
Especially because I want an area rug.
I did find a few options though...
I guess I'll just have to save my pennies.

 #1...from IKEA
So I love the pattern and the color but I'm concerned that it's not going to be good quality.
The price though........can't be beat.
It's only $19.95.
Yowsers!  That's enough to make me drive the 70 miles to Ikea today!

#2...From Home Decor Center

It's much more neutral...I like the floral, not my fav but doable.
However...the price?  Not so pretty.
$314.99 for the size I want.
Hmmmmm...Ikea is looking better and better.

#3...Also from Home Decor Center

Um the leaves.
I don't know why...I just do.
I do not think this would match my bedroom but I could think of a place for it...
But again...pretty penny.

So thinking about the color scheme and the size I want and...the list continues...I think the only viable option is going to be the Ikea one.  It is the perfect shade of gray and it does have a cool graphic...
Does anyone own an Ikea rug and want to share how the quality is?
I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

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