Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok...I am NOT a runner.

That is...running does NOT come easily to me.

I think I look bright red like a beet ridiculous when running and I get winded extremely easily.

However, after having a baby and hanging onto some very unwanted fat baby weight...I decided it was time to do something about it.

I started running.

The Hubs and I run on M/W/F.

He's a runner.  I am not.

Poor guy has to put up with me and my complaining BUT.  I need him.

I discovered I need someone to prod me into doing it...or I won't.

He won't put up with my excuses.  He won't let me just not go.  He pushes me to actually run.

We're doing the couch potato to 5K running plan.  Google it...if I can do it, anyone can.

We had to repeat Week one because it took me a week of just trying to actually be able to do it.

But for the first time EVER I was able to do the full run/walk thing for 20 minutes the day before yesterday and I'm determined to do it again today.

Boy was I proud of myself.  And was the Hubs proud.  He kept mentioning it all day.

But something that we've both noticed is that I need running clothes.

Usually I just wear some kind of pajama capris and a baseball shirt.

Last time I wore some cute sweat pant capris and a baseball shirt and  It was soooooooo toasty!  I was sweating up a major storm.

Not because of the work-out...but because cotton is NOT breathable.

So here are some options I've picked out.

First - pants.

I am NOT the kind of person who likes the nice tight running pant fit.  I don't like the idea that people behind me can see my booty jiggle.  I'm sure they don't want to see that either.  So.  I need a more relaxed these.

I'm sure there will be some jiggle but it would be a LOT less pronounced.  That is happy.

Also, the material is "moisture wicking" and evidently works in all climates.  IE:  I could use them in the winter time.  Again...that is happy.

Or I have this option..

I know...more form fitting.  WAY more form fitting.  BUT...I would wear these on top.
Definitely loose.  Adds a splash of color and would probably be a LOT warmer for the winter-time. 

Shirts though are probably my most needed article of exercise gear.  I could probably get by with what I have for a bit longer in regards to pants but baseball shirts have to go.

Here is what I found...

Um...LOVE the color.  Talk about bold.

" name is Ellie and I'm a runner."  That's what it says to me.

Maybe if I could put that on every time I go running...I wouldn't hate it as much. 

Or this...

A bit more subdued but also a running shirt that says "real runner coming through."

Hmmm...real runner.  That could be me...eventually.

And socks.  Never underestimate the power of socks.

Seriously.  I had never even thought of socks.  A sock is a sock right?


A couple of years ago I bought the Hubs some socks with moisture wicking and arch support and he has never looked back.  He's spoiled now.  He won't even look at a sock unless it has those features.

Here are a couple options for women...
These lovely gems have cushioning and moisture wicking material.  Um...I'll take all the cushioning I can get.  Thank you.  Anything to make my run a BIT more manageable.

And then there's these...
These boast of ClimaCool moisture wicking technology.  And cushioning in the toe and heel makes them more comfortable.  Um...I'll take 4 please. 

Pair all of the above up with one of these...

...and i think I'll be good to go!  Yeah...I might just be going shopping after I get off of work...

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