Friday, April 9, 2010

So I'm at work and it's reeeeeeeeeealyyyyyyyy slow.

What is the only option for a morning like this?

Read a book.


Write incredibly wonderful and witty things.

Go window shopping.

Seriously, I mean...what other options are there?

I decided to focus my efforts today mainly on Forever 21.

Dunno why...just found so many cute things I guess...

Here are some of my finds.

#1. - Um, I love this tee...

...and at $15.80, the price is perfect too.  My only gripe is that I wish it came in other colors.  But you could wear a really cute 3/4 sleeve cropped cardigan with it to add some color.  Really...this tee is one of my fav's.

Ok...I could seriously see me wearing this over some skinny jeans with some black heels.  Or navy heels.  I love that it has a belt too.  This is a look I think I'm going to really get into seeing as I'm an hourglass figure and just found out about the whole "emphasize your waist" thing.  I know...I'm slow...

Love this tee!  Look at those sleeves!  So cute.  My husband has this thing for stripes.  On me, on him, on our little girl...I don't know why but he just loves them.  This might have to find a way into my wardrobe...

Love this shirt!  Love.  So many different ways to wear it.  I'm picturing a Wonder Tee or a cardigan right now but really...Love the embellishments.

 Again with the waist emphasis.  I love this's so springy and I'm starting to get into wearing floral... 


I love crochet.  I don't know why...  Maybe it's because its just so feminine.  Who knows?  But I love this.  Over some cute skinnies and with some brightly colored flats to coordinate with a cardi...I'm lovin' it!

 Ok...I've been needing a new pair of skinny jeans.  Mine are too big (and while it's AWESOME to say that...kinda irritating at the sime time 'cause I really liked my pair!).

Um, enter this pair.  They're only $14.80.  HELLO!  I believe these are going in my cart right now.  Woot woot!

Can't you just picture these with any of the above shirts?  So excited. 


I've been wanting a pair of boyfriend jeans but wanted to wait for the spring to get them.  I think spring has finallly sprung and I'm luvin' these.

So there is today's installment of shopping with Ellie.

Hope you've enjoyed the trip!  :)

Maybe next time...we'll do shoes.  Yum!

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