Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ok.  So one of my goals this year is to dress better.  I'm the type of person who just throws on a comfortable outfit in the morning.

That is...if I can talk myself into getting dressed that day.  Jammies are just so comfy.

I decided a lot of it is based around tops.

Right now I'm still hanging onto some baby weight and while I'm working to get it off...I don't have very many shirts that fit me.

This is a problem.  Probably the big reason I stay in jammies.  They're comfy...and they fit.

SO!  Here is a list of affordable tops that I think are cute and springy.

I think I'm gonna just trade out my wardrobe 1 shirt at a time.

Forever 21



#5 - a cute alternative to just a random running t-shirt

#6 - love this cardigan...if a shirt has short sleeves, you can almost guarantee I'll be in a cardi...

#1 - seriously, a simple flower applique does wonders for just a regular t.  And I love the length.  Love. 

#3 - a simple pintuck and flutter sleeves and you have yourself a durned cute shirt.  hmmm...maybe I can knock-off this look.   

#4 - pair this with a cardigan of any color and voila!  SO cute!

#5 - ditto


#2 - my fav springtime cardi.  light weight and 3/4 length sleeves.  perfect.

#3 - my fav boyfriend cardi, again...light weight and they come in such springy colors!



#4 - oh how I love liberty of london for target.  This might be the cutest springy top I've seen so far.  And the cardi color options are unlimited! 

So there is my window shopping for the day.

Maybe I can convince myself to get dressed today.  HA!

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Heather said...

Very cute! You should check out Charlotte Russe too