Wednesday, March 24, 2010 I'm totally getting into wallpaper as a way to add a nice splash of color to a room.  And since I'm focusing on the master bedroom re-model this year...I'm looking at yellow and gray.

I just found this new wallpaper website and

I am in love.  

Look at these!  Just look at them!!!

Can you just imagine a square of that surrounded by a white frame on a gray wall?  Um...I can.

Or this one...

...surrounded by a frame on a yellow wall.  Mmmmmmmm....

Or what about this?

But instead of on a wall, on the inside of the built-in's we're putting in?

Or for an extra pop of color...  So many different options! 

You really must check out this place.  Walnut Wallpapers.  You will not regret it.

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Our Family said...

I love the yellow and grey together too! another of my favorite color combos is pink and grey...sounds like you guys have your hands full with remodels. Oh! and you should talk to andrew and the boys at the shop about the captain's bed...I dont recommend ikea furniture, and andrew could probably build you something better quality for a better price and thats always good right?