Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is my kitchen.  Pardon my crooked sink...I'm not that great with paint.  :)  As you can kitchen is pretty small and the space wasn't planned out very well.  I don't have the exact measurements but these dimensions are pretty true to life.  

SO!  Here's my question.  How would YOU change this layout?  You don't have to draw it out...just leave a comment.  Later this week I'll make a new picture using the ideas and post it.  
I've decided to come up with drawings because my husband is a very visual person.  When I describe just doesn't make sense to him.  He has to see it.  So maybe with my ideas and your ideas...I can come up with something that will make sense to him.  

PS...I'm not adverse to tearing into sheetrock.  :) 

Here are some pictures of some pretty yet small kitchens...


Picture from THIS blog

LOVE this one...from the tiled backsplash to the gorgeous wood planked floor...Love...

Picture from THIS website 

And I'm pretty sure I LOVE this under the cabinet shelf.  

It frees up your counterspace but still allows for things like containers and such.  LOVE this...  Click HERE to see this entire kitchen remodel.  So pretty. 

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Terah said...

I like the top one! Sounds like a good challenge!