Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've been asked about how I did the Princess' party so I decided to break it all down nice and easy.  

#1.  The fabric banner.  All I did was go to Hobby Lobby (any fabric store will do.  I like Hobby Lobby b/c it seems like their material is always on sale and they have cute prints) and picked out 4 prints that I liked.  

I bought a 1/2 a yard of each but that's b/c I'm going to be using this fabric in the Princess' room.  You would probably only need a 1/4 of a yard of each.  I have a lot left over which I'll be using for matching projects.  All in all...the fabric cost me $10.00.  

You'll also need 1 roll of coordinating ric rac.  As you can tell from this photo...I used brown.   

I went home, ate dinner (it's always important to sew on a full stomach...just a tip from me:)  

I then drew a triangle on a piece of cardstock and used it as a guide to cut the pieces.  After I had 4 of each print...I pulled out the sewing machine.

I spaced mine about an inch apart.  I've seen them done right next to each other and I've seen them done about 2 inches apart.  Doesn't really matter...whatever looks good to you.  

I fought with my sewing machine...seriously.  I think it's starting to quit.  It's an entry level sewing machine and I think I'm starting to move beyond it and it's getting offended.  I don't know.  But after the bobbin FINALLY started working, I finished the banner in about 15 to 20 minutes of sewing.  

Now keep in banner is very basic.  I didn't care about hemming it or double siding the triangles.  If you're going to do'll need double the fabric and patience and yeah...I'm not that motivated.  I like things short and sweet.  :)  

If you have any questions...leave a comment.  I'll answer them tomorrow. 

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The Clark's said...

I'm so glad you posted this! Since I saw the pictures of your party I was really wanting to make this banner. (I can't sleep, its midnight and all because I keep thinking of what I should do for Carsons birthday) anyway how long was the banner and would you go smaller or bigger?