Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Hubby has decided he likes yellow for a wall color.  And something I've learned is that when the Hubby actually expresses an opinion...jump at it!  He so rarely ever does that I'm always willing to try something that he suggests.  

So yellow.  Never thought of yellow in my house.  Had it in my room as a teenager but never after that.  

I decided to see if I can find some nifty yellow rooms and my goodness...I was surprised.  I now love it!  Amazing what yellow can do to a space.  Here are some examples.  

Picture from THIS blog - LOVE the floors and the bookcase. 

Picture from THIS blog - LOVE the couch in this one...and the framed wallpaper...BRILLIANT!

Picture from THIS website - zebra and yellow?  Yes please.

Picture from THIS blog - Oooooooooooooooooo is all I can say.  :)

Now I do realize that some of these are VERY bright...I think ours will be more muted but I love the different color combos.  Turquoise and yellow?  Who would have thought?


Terah said...

Turquoise and yellow= super cute! And I love the tall bookcase!

Heather said...

Framed wallpaper? Brilliant brilliant