Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our New Year's Weekend...& the Beginnings of Our Kitchen Remodel...

First off...Christmas.

Christmas was good! I actually don't have a single picture from the day because the Hubs wanted video instead. So there's a whole bunch of video...and no pictures. Lame. I know.
But we did go to Temple Square in downtown SLC and I have pics of that!

My favorite nativity...

...and the runner up to my favorite that has been there every year since I was born.

And just some pretty pics of around the square...


So our Christmas was lovely. Now New Year's...New Year's was a different story.
On New Year's Eve...the Hubs went downstairs to start on the office. Quickly he realized he needed some more education on framing before diving in and felt very depressed that he didn't get a project to do. He was REALLY looking forward to using the air compressor I got him for Christmas.

He was sitting on the couch and decided...well, if I can't do the office, I'm ripping apart the kitchen. And that's just what he did. Our kitchen project has officially started.YOWSERS!
Here is a photographic journey of our weekend.

My kitchen.

Let me preface this by saying that I forgot to take before pictures until we were almost ready to rip stuff apart. So these pictures are very VERY cluttered with the items from the cupboards.

Just so you don't judge me. Haha.

The above pictures show the cupboards we ripped right on down. They also show the wall that we ripped out.

Yes...you heard me. We ripped out a wall.


Because that wall is 2 feet wide my friends. TWO FEET. That is 2 feet that cuts into my tiny TINY kitchen. You wanna see how tiny?


How far away the table is from the appliances...

...and the rest of the kitchen.

Don't you just LOVE the dishwasher casing and the linoleum? I know I know...you're just dying to live here aren't ya? And don't forget the bubble light on the ceiling. Gorgeous isn't it?

Again...don't judge my housekeeping...this is all from the cupboards. :)

The Hubs and I were laughing. We were watching a House Hunters and an agent mentioned that one of the awesome selling points of the house were its original kitchen cupboards. Um...I have original kitchen cupboards and lemme tell ya...NOT a selling point. It was awesome to watch this going on...


It made me very happy.

Now the other reason why we ripped out the wall. This was on the other side.

What is that?

Well, it's a coat closet....with full size doors.

The reason I put the garbage can there is to show you how tight it is. Also...that piece of wall you see going down the stairs? Yeah...it's all part of the closet.

Ummmmmm...what? How on earth do you even reach that space. It was completely dead space. So of course the solution was to just rip it out. It wasn't a pantry, it wasn't additional storage space because you couldn't even really access it so why not extend our kitchen?

Let me just tell you...2 feet is a LOT of extra space in a kitchen.

A LOT of space.

So we had some major fun with a sledge hammer and look at what we were able to do...

Nasty fiberglass insulation falling from the ceiling. Boooooo.

Yup...that would be me with a nail gun. Don't you love my construction outfit? I'm all about comfort when I tear apart my house.

So there. That was our weekend. The Hubs was busy again today doing electrical stuff. A blog about that coming up soon. Along with an amazing and wonderful find that may or may not have made me jump up and down for joy.


Discount Kitchen Cabinets said...

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Heather said...

Great pictures! Scott looked like he was really getting into it. Let us know when you need help again! I'll come too next time :)