Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday...on Thursday...

Wowsers. This week has flown by like CUH.RAZY!

I'm shooting a wedding this weekend and every week I have a wedding I kind of get a little nuts during the week preparing for it.

So yup...this week has been madness.

A construction zone for a kitchen. Trying to make meals without having a kitchen. Keeping a toddler out of the kitchen. Cleaning up Christmas. Using my living room as my pantry since I can't get to any cupboards...yup. It's been insane.

But the good part is that any time I get frustrated by the situation...I can always wield a sledgehammer. Yesterday I got a bit upset by the whole thing so as soon as the Princess went down for a nap I knocked out a lot of lath and plaster.

I hate lath and plaster.

More details on that whole thing later.

ANYWHOO! What makes this whole mess worth it is the fact that I am going to have a beautiful and functional kitchen after this whole mess is cleaned up. So for the inspiration board today...I am showing you the bare basics of the kitchen. This is just the building inspiration. There's no decor in this at all. This is walls...lights...countertop...cabinets...and so on.
my kitchen

There it is...the building basics.

And showing both kinds of beadboard is not a mistake...we're going for this look...

I love love LOVE the beadboard ceiling look and the white paneled walls with crown molding. It really does add so much character to the room. And since we're adding those exact same'll look very similar to this kitchen. Except that the walls that aren't paneled are going to be painted the very light blue.

Our sink is in the corner of the kitchen and it can't be moved. Because of this...I've opted for a single bowl sink that is super deep. It can still fit a lot of stuff but one of our New Year's resolutions is that there will never be dishes in the sink. Things go immediately into the dishwasher so not enough space should never be an issue.

I love the IKEA chandelier. No one can beat IKEA's price on it and it really is timeless.

And then of course...white cabinets. So pretty. So clean. I used to be stuck on wood stained cabinets. Then I started blogging and now...Ahhhhh. White makes me so happy. In a kitchen as small as mine, no other color will work for me.

So next week will be the decor in the kitchen. And next week will also bring more updates on the progress in the renovation. Lovely. If you need to catch can read THIS post.

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