Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wow...happy 1.1.11!!!

I love that the first day of the first month is the repeat this year!

And boy has our New Year's been eventful! It started off yesterday with a bang...quite literally. We ripped down a wall. So there was a LOT of hammering and sledge hammering going on.

There will be pictures and details on Monday but one thing is for sure...we hate hate HATE plaster walls.


But I have finally decided for sure on a backsplash. I loved the subway tile. I love the look and basically everything about it but for some weird reason it just wasn't quite resonating with me. I know that's weird...since I just proclaimed that I loved it, I'm a complicated person...what can I say? Subway tile is gorgeous and I seriously do love it but for this kitchen, for some reason it just wasn't talkin' to me.

Then I found THIS!

And best yet...I found it WAY cheaper than the listing I linked to at an outlet depot. This backsplash...? Yeah, it resonates with me. I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I how clean and modern it looks and yet also how ornate and classic as well. Best.Tile.EVER.

Seriously...I love this stuff.

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r said...

Just found your blog... love this tile but it is sold out online. Any help finding it somewhere else? :)
Thanks so much and can't wait to see your finished kitchen.