Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deer Story...

Ok.  So deer story. 

Last week was obviously not the best week for my little family.  The Hub's got laid off, my mother-in-law got kidney stones, the Princess started getting her 2 year old molars (and she is NOT a happy teether.  She gets a fever and stuffy and yeah...not a pretty sight) and yeah, just not a good week.  So I was driving back from the grocery store and was just around the block from my house.  Seriously...less than a 1/2 mile away from my house.  I'm talking on the phone with my sister-in-law about how cruddy the week has been and how things most likely couldn't get any worse. 

Here is what happened.

Heather:  "Yeah...Scott and I woke up this morning, looked at each other and said we're next...we just know..."

Me:  "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Screaming)  I JUST GOT HIT BY A DEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's right folks.  Right as we were talking about how cruddy the week was...it got worse.  But honestly...it's really QUITE funny to us now.  Hilarious actually.  I was driving our beater car so we can look at it and laugh. 

I was driving in the far right hand lane since I was going to turn at the next intersection.  I was going 45 mph when all of a sudden a deer JUMPED off the right hand side of the road and SMACK!  Hit my passenger side mirror, bounced off and hit the door, bounced off and hit the other door, and then its hind end hit the car's hind end and left a rather large impression of deer hiney in the back panel of the car.  You know...the one that can't be replaced because it's connected to the roof?  I really don't know what happened to the deer.  It was 9:00 pm or so so I couldn't see if it walked off or not.  It wasn't anywhere to be found the next day so I'm hoping I didn't kill it...that would really make me feel guilty. 

One of the first thoughts that went through my mind was this...  "Wow...now I know how Rory felt!"  I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan and goodness...I totally understand how Rory felt now.  If you haven't seen that clip...she gets hit by a deer while stopped at a stop sign.  I personally think my deer was even more stupid because it thought it could take on a moving vehicle.  But anyways...we're all good.  I'm ok.  The only victim of this story was the mirror.  It's dead.  It's gone.  It was just replaced last month.  Whoops. 

I'll post pictures tomorrow but it's snowing and I'm lazy today.  So tune back in tomorrow for the updated pics. 

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Heather said...

I still can NOT believe that happened