Thursday, January 13, 2011

Backsplash DRAMA!

Ok. So remember THIS post? You know...the one about the amazing backsplash and how I got it for such a fanfreakintastic price?

Yeah. Maybe not so much.

Here's the story.

It was listed on our local classifieds by an outlet company. I found it. I fell in love. I emailed, called, texted, did everything I possibly could to make certain that it would be mine.

It was New Year's weekend.

They were not open.

They called me (twice) first thing on Monday morning assuring me that it was mine. I could pay for it over the phone and we were good to go! I assured them that I wanted it. Here's how the conversation went down.

"Let me grab my wallet and I'll pay for it right now."

"Ok great! Let me know when you're ready."

Slight pause while I was ruffling through my purse at work hoping no one else would hear my credit card number when I read it off.

"Alright I'm ready. Here it is..."

"Um ma'am?" He totally interrupted me...


"I'm sorry but there's actually a receipt on the side of the box. It looks like they were sold 10 minutes ago."

Say what...???? Noooooooooo! The store has only been open 2 minutes. They called me first thing. How the heck? I would have been there at the front door waiting to purchase it but 1, I had to work and 2, they are about an hour and 1/2 away. was true. They were sold...I think. I was incredibly sad and incredibly confused as to how that could happen. Not to mention I checked my local classifieds a couple days later and they had re-listed the tile again but too late for me because it had already sold. For reals this time. I think they had actually put it on hold for someone else and then they didn't want it. Whatever. I'm not very impressed with how they did their business.

I was seriously upset about it. I's a backsplash. Get over it. But it was backsplash that I had bonded with. I tend to get kind of attached.

You when you spot this car in a car dealership's lot and you just think it's the bee's knees and every time you drive by it you just think "yup...that's my car!" and then one day it disappears because someone actually buys it and you get a little sad. Come I the only one who's ever done that? Or when your dream house goes on the market but you're not ready to buy and you feel totally possessive every time a car is in the driveway and when the sold sign goes up you feel like they're totally trespassing? Hmmmmm, ok...I might have a problem.

ANYWAYS! I digress. So I was sad. Well...I found the same tile on Um, sold out. So I find the same tile on 80% MORE MONEY than what I was going to buy it for. Getting the Hubs to agree to 80% more than what we were originally going to spend is quite the feat. Needless to say I had my job cut out for me. Well...while I was persuading him to let me buy the of my lovely readers ('re great for actually commenting! Thank you!!!) commented and mentioned that it was now sold out on



Ok...this tile is seriously evasive!

So I looked around for some new backsplash. I think I've looked at basically every white backsplash on the market. NOTHING was striking a chord with me. Nothing.

So since r asked for any suggestions as to where to find it and since I was dying about it being sold out...I decided to do something about it.

I called Home Depot customer service and asked them when they were going to get it back in stock. They had no idea. It was really helpful...lemme tell ya (PS...that was totally sarcastic). I asked them if it had been completely discontinued or if they were going to be getting another shipment eventually. Again...they had no idea.

What a waste of my cell phone minutes. Boo.

So a couple more days went by with me wracking my brains as to what I could do about this tile. Then I got really smart. I called the manufacturer. Unfortunately it was after business hours and they didn't have a voice mail system. Sad. But I did find it on their website which gave me hope.

This afternoon I decided to call again. I picked up the phone, dialed the number, and may or may not have started jumping up and down when a live person picked up the phone. I asked them if they were planning on continuing the Lantern mosaic tile and he looked it up. Well people...they are. It's sold out EV.ER.Y.WH.ERE but they are going to be getting another shipment on...wait for it

So if you are interested in this can call your Home Depot on or around Jan 31st and you can still get this tile.

I think after all the emotional despair I went through when I found out it wasn't available anywhere...I might have convinced the Hubs to let me spend $200 on backsplash. We'll see. I'll keep you informed. :)

PS...just 'cause I don't want to get fined, I have absolutely no affiliation with Home Depot. I am not referring people to Home Depot...they're just the only re-saler for this particular tile.


r said...

Thanks for the update and the blog comment!

Heather said...

I hope you get it...sooner or later! I can't believe it's such a hot seller that it's sold out EVERYWHERE! That's crazy!

It seems like you like white painted over terra cotta tile...I had a backsplash like that when I lived in NYC, and I got the tile at a place called Country Floors...and they have beautiful things. Here's a link...

P.S. My kitchen was small, so could justify a somewhat pricier tile!

Terah said...

ALSO, I have had my eye on a table at overstock for years, (seriously) and it will periodically say sold out, then they have more, then sold out, then more. So keep checking them, they might get more in stock too!