Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday

Today has been a good day.

Sometimes as a mom there are some bad days.  Days where you just feel absolutely zero motivation to do anything.  Days where just getting dressed is a major accomplishment.

Today has not been one of those days.  Yesterday...well, that was another story but today...it's been a good day.

The Princess and I got up.
We showered.
We got dressed.
We ate breakfast (with no arguments or food flung anywhere).
We went Christmas shopping for Daddy (we're now officially done.  Woot woot!!!).
We got a fun little craft Christmas tree to do together.
We found some pretty pillowcases on sale at Target for $10.56 (SCORE).
We went to Burger King (not my favorite but hey...it's cheap).
The Princess ate all of her food and stayed in her chair the whole time.
We came home.
We did our craft Christmas tree.
We watched Dora.
The Princess is now tucked away in bed (went down without a sound) and I get to play for a minute.

I do however, have laundry waiting for me. 

But yup...good day.

SO on to our Inspiration Board of the day!

Ok...I decided to do a bedroom today.  I recently had someone tell me I needed to do more bedrooms.

And here is a new bedroom I came up with.


I love the warm feeling of it with the vintage glam look of the nightstand and wall art.  

I LOVE the pom pom curtains.  They didn't have them in yellow or blue but I put them on here anyways because they would be a way easy DIY.  Just some sheer white curtain panels and some pom pom piping from any craft store.  In fact these are the curtains that will be going up in my master bedroom.  I'll do a photo documentation of them when that time comes and share it.  

I love love LOVE the tree jewelry stand.  I'm gonna ask Santa for it for Christmas.  :)  And I thought the book storage boxes were brilliant for any other jewelry that can't be hung.  And then the bird binoculars add just a twist of whimsy and fun.  Not to mention it totally matches the color scheme as well. 

As for a wall color...I would probably do a very light LIGHT mustard/yellow statement wall.  You could even do the walls all the same color but then add some stripes to the statement wall.  I just love stripes...  :)  Probably too much. 

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