Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Finds Blogger isn't letting me upload any pictures.

As in, I hit the picture button and nothing happens.  The picture pop-up just sits there empty.

Not cool...

So our Friday Finds is going to be completely lacking in the picture department.


Oh Whoa!  Wait...I just tried again.  It totally worked this time but it looks completely different!  When did that happen?

K!  Moving on!  On to our Friday Finds...

First up...this beautiful, and I mean BE.AUT.IF.UL...tub

Finding a clawfoot tub for under $1000 is practically impossible.  Finding one for $200?  Uh...I'm speechless.  Too bad the Hubs won't let me buy anything for the bathroom yet.  Also...too bad my bathroom is so small it wouldn't fit.  If you buy this tub, I SO want to see some after shots with it.

This mirror totally has personality...

And for $20 it's also totally affordable.  But the listing is what cracks me up.  The description says it's an antique and the listing says absolutely brand new.  Haha!  I guess this mirror is having an identity crisis.  :)

I think this hutch is charming...

...especially the stained glass accents. 

How unique is this?

I love the lines!  Maroon...?  Yeah, not my favorite color.  I would do black or white...or even just a lighter color but maroon?  Uh-uh. 

This is one very cool piece of furniture...

The top actually expands allowing fir more storage.  Uh...that's awesome.  And hey!  The seller will take PayPal.  Excellent!

I am kinda drooling over these 2...

Love.  Really love.  Wish my dining room area was next on my project list.  These would be so cool!  The $150 price tag not so much but the chairs...?  Love.

These are fun too...

I still like the other ones a bit better but these are cool too. 

Ok...someone HAS to jump on this...

The ad says it's only $75.  That MUST be a typo because this is a GORGEOUS piece!!!!  I would buy this in a split hesitation...if I had a place to put it.  Let me know how you're going to use it if you buy it!  I think it's so pretty!!!

Ok...honestly, what is it with all the cool dining chairs?  These are my favs!

Seriously!  How fun are they?

Or if red isn't your color, they also come in yellow!


I love this chair! pretty is that?  And the best part is that it's only $25 obo. 

This is a cute little couch...

It's only $140 too. 

Oooooo...I like this couch too.

Add a throw and some fun pillows and yup...I like.

Add a new drum shade and this lamp would be awesome!!!

Love the cool lines!  And only $20 for a floor lamp!  Even better!

So there we have it!  Our Friday Finds.  Honestly...I'm never buying brand-new again!  :)  If you buy anything on here I would love to see how you use it!  Have a marvelous weekend!

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