Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Finds

Alrighty!  It's Friday again and once again the classifieds are loaded!

I also decided to do some searching on Craig's List not just KSL today.

So....lets start out with this beauty.

I personally don't care for the leather...I would probably reupholster it.  I would also paint it but I love the lines and the modernness (is that a word...?) of it.  It's a bit pricey...$275...for a project so if the colors work for you...just take it as is.  

Next up...

I think this is lovely.  Obviously needs some cleaning up but honestly...I think it has so much personality and would go awesome in an eclectic house.  Best part...?  At $50 you could definitely show her the loving she's looking for.

Um...If I had kids big enough...

I would totally buy this today.  This is the coolest bed!  And the bottom pulls out as a trundle.  AWESOME! Cool bunk beds for $200?  Nice.

I LOVE this dining set...

I think I would even just leave it as is...clean it up a bit and reupholster the seats but other than that...I think it's perfect!  And the whole set is $90.  Um...that's basically amazing.  Does anyone want to led me a truck?

These chairs...

...are great!  You could personalize them to your hearts content 'cause they're only $75 for both of them!  Woot woot!!!

Um...I want this chair in my home office.  Doesn't match my decor at all but I love it.

I love the swirlys and the cushioning and everything.

And it looks like the same seller has a couple other awesome ones.



Um...these are some of the coolest bar stools! 

I think they're just cool.  And they are just $160 for the set.

I really like this chair...

I would paint this baby white and reupholster in my daughter's nursery colors.  And it's only $55.00.

These dining chairs are great...

$80 for the set. 

These dining chairs are so pretty!

And they're only $5 each.


Its a little pricey...$375...but it's just so awesome and look at how comfy it looks!!!

I really like these lamps.

It's a wall lamp and a desk lamp for $70.  I'm loving the stainless look.

This chandelier is available for the best offer...

I don't like gold...but I like white!  I would totally spray paint this baby white!  Or pink for a little girls room.  Or yellow for my room.  Or Tiffany blue for my nursery right now...  If only I had high ceilings.

This lamp is only $5

I love the square shade and I love the color.  And for $'s a steal!

Anywoo...there we have it.  Our Friday Finds.  Hope you like 'em!

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Madeline said...

Those aqua dining chairs are making me drool. I absolutely love them!