Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!

So last week was spent at the lake.  It was wonderful!!!!!!!!  It was such a needed vacation. The Hubs is the one who unpacked and now I can't find my camera to share any images but as soon as it will be shared.  :)

Now...onto our normal posting.  Chapter 2 of the master bedroom will be tomorrow but today I discovered something that I just had to share.

While I was on vacation I happened to catch an episode of Design Star.  I don't have cable TV at my house, TV is not a priority for us.  We just watch movies...or whatever is available on Hulu.  This episode of Design Star was very inspiring to me.  It was the Glass House episode.  There were three contestants left on the show.  The one that really impressed me was Emily.  I thought she was so spunky and really talented.  But the thing that really stuck out to me about her room was the fabric she used on the wall as wall coverings.  Here's a picture...

Isn't it so cute?  I love it.  And it really sparked an idea.  I'm not going to use wallpaper behind our bed...I'm going to use fabric!  Here is the tutorial I found...SO excited about this.  I was having issues finding some wallpaper that matched the fabrics I had picked out...Now I can just find a coordinating fabric which is pretty easy to find.  :)  

And here are some inspiration pictures. 


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