Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds

Yay!  It's time for Friday Finds!  Woot woot!!!  I really missed it last week.  Sounds cheesy I know...but I did!  :) they are!!

First off...this red sectional.  

Talk about bright!  I love it.  And it's in great condition so at $450 it's also a great deal. 

Next up...this beautiful antique loveseat...'s obvious that the fabric needs to go but I love the lines, it's just a sweet little lady.  And for $115, you could reupholster this and have a lovely addition to your home.

Next up, this mid-century modern china cabinet...

I love this!!!  I love the lines, the color...although it looks like it could use some lovin', and I love the size.  It's the perfect size...not too overwhelming and big.  And the price isn't big either!  It's only $115.   

This rug...

is only $15.  What a fun rug!  It does evidently need a shampoo but for $15...yeah, easy peesy.

This dresser is only $40...

Yeah...I know it's not much right now, BUT!  Sand it down, repaint, add some pretty hardware and yup!  You would have a beautiful real wood 10 drawer dresser.

Or if it's too "heavy" for you, there is this one!

Ok...she's a little rough but some TLC will make her purdy!

And I love this little hutch...

Add some color, some new hardware, LOVE it!

Um...this lamp is only $25...

You could so add this to basically any kind of decor and have a fun statement.

Or if square is more your style...there's always this option,

It's $70 and it's brand new.  Pretty!

Ok...this is a STEAL!

It's only $39 and it's so pretty!!!  I want...  but the Hubs has put the freeze on buying accessories until the rooms are ready so someone else gets this pretty mirror.


It's so pretty!  And it's only $50!! me crazy but I really like these...

I think they would be great in a media room or even a vintage-modern living room.  You can buy both of them for $70 and they're big!

So there we have it!  Our Friday Finds.  I'm lovin' them!

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