Friday, May 28, 2010

Ok...we're going to try the kitchen post one more time.

I found out that I'm addicted to IKEA's kitchen planner.


I do have a couple issues, like it randomly closing just when I was getting things just right.

And imputing the measurements...I put in 9' 3" and it would spit some random number out that skewed the room dimensions.

In the end...I just ended up dragging the walls and dropping them where I needed them.

Now also keep in mind...these renderings are actually for the in the far future.

Probably around 1 1/2 years future.

I just had fun playing.

The reason it's so far out?

Because I can live with it right now.  I don't like it...but I can live.

There are other things that need my immediate attention.

Like the office.......

ANYWAYS!  Here are the renderings.

Oh, and ignore the fact that a cabinet is on the window.

Not sure how that got scooted over...but it did. 

And believe it or kitchen right now is even smaller.

There is a coat closet that is practically inaccessable where the fridge and the oven are.

So picture it smaller by 2 feet on the left side...that's my kitchen size right now.

Lovely eh?

I love the wall oven.

Right now we just have a free-standing stove where the wall oven is.

After having a baby though...I realized how dumb it is to have an oven practically touching the floor.


So we're fixing it by putting in the wall oven.

Much safer...and more convienient!

The dishwasher is that single knobbed it does have one, and I love that it's right next to the sink.

So there you have it.

The future kitchen will also have a tile floor, and a cool backsplash...but you can't add those on the planning software...

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