Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So the Hubby and I are going to put a Captian's bed in our room.  Captain's beds are the ones with storage drawers underneath them.

We were going to build one that didn't look too difficult.  In acutally looked doable.

The problem arises with this.

I become emotionally attached to things I build.

We are leaving this bed with the house when we move in a couple of years because chances are it will just go with the built in we are building.

I know myself.

I would cry.

SO!  I just found a different option.
This bed from IKEA.

Now I have never bought furniture from Ikea.  I have friends in Russia who have and they weren't too impressed with the quality.

LOVE Ikea for textiles and accessories and art and rugs and...yeah, all that stuff but furniture?  I kind of balk.

BUT!  This bed is only $350 AND it's solid pine which would enable me to paint it to match the built-in's.

And the drawers are perfect.

And it's not at an abnormal height.

It's not the bed I pictured at all...but I'm not hating it.  Hmmmmmmm.........

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Terah said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean, I get emotionally attached to stuff too; it's ridiculous. I am getting a little better with time, but still. It looks like a cute bed! And you really can't beat the price. It will probably be perfect for the time and the space. And then you won't feel bad leaving without it!