Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am totally loving yellow and gray decor lately.  Hmmmmm, kind of like my blog colors.  Funny!

I think the gray is soothing and the yellow adds a pop of life to the room.

I'm thinking those are the colors we're going to decorate the master with...

Here are some examples.

Image found HERE

Image found HERE

Image found HERE

Image found HERE

image found HERE

Mmmmmmmmmm...I just love how they complement each other!

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Tricia Rose said...

It seems that beds and bedding are definitely on your mind at the moment Ellie!
I have had a lot of Ikea furniture and have learnt you just have to pick and chose. Some of the particle-board stuff has problems, but I have two identical sofas, one fifteen years old and one five years old, and both are sturdy and comfortable (I did make linen slip-covers for them, the Ikea ones shrank!).
Thank you for your comment on Design Sponge! I do have a yellow and natural linen striped duvet cover...