Monday, March 1, 2010

So, first steps to making more room in our master include tearing out the carpet to get to the wood underneath.  We can't add a built-in on top of carpet we're going to tear out now can we?

Well, I had a wedding to shoot this past Saturday.  I love weddings.  I love shooting them.  I love seeing the bride and groom interact with each other.  They're so cute and excited!  But...they are all day affairs and are rather exhausting.  But I still love them.  :)

It's Saturday.  I get up, the Princess wakes up, I get her up, the Hubby gets up.  Wa-hoo!  I get to spend 10 minutes with them both before I have to leave.  That was happy. 

The Hubby surprises me by making me a sack lunch for the day...complete with a sweet note telling me he loves me.  Awwww...I love my Hubby.

I go shoot the wedding.  Get some amazing shots (very easy to do when you're working with this couple...).  Have a great meal (thanks guys!).  Come home.  Walk in my bedroom only to trip on the carpet on the way in.

Say what?  That's never happened before...  I look down.  The Hubby had pulled back the carpet in our entryway to make sure everything was good underneath.  I ask him what was up and he said that his plan was to have it all ripped up by the time I got home but our incredibly heavy bedroom set plus a very nosey 1 year old got in the way of that plan.

You know what?  Totally the thought that counts in this case.  As you'll remember from previous posts...the Hubby HATES house projects.  He loves outdoor projects but when it comes to house projects...he starts sweating at the mere thought of them.  Mostly because I admit...I kinda talk about everything all at once instead of focusing in on one thing....but what can I say?  I'm a big picture kind of person.  :)  My poor Hubby.

So back to him wanting to tear the carpet out while I was gone.  He was so sheepish when he told me...kind of like he didn't want me to find out since he hadn't done it.  But honestly!  Just the fact that he had pulled back the carpet was the sweetest gesture for me!  Made me realize that maybe if I take things one project at a time...I can make things a bit easier for us.  So...for right now I'm going to be focusing on any and all aspects of the master re-model.  I'll bring up the other changes later...

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